Counting members in a ZDD

This experimental and tentaive page is for the reader who would be curious for playing around with several basic operations on ZDD. ZDD is invented by Shin-ichi Minato. This CGI is written in SWI-Prolog. The author has little knowledge and skill on building web pages suitable for tutorial. Notations here may be different from that of the ZDD literature Timeout limit for this CGI is set to 10 seconds.

0, 1 are reserved symbols. Internally, 0 (bottom) is used for the empty set, and so is 1 (top) for the singleton of the 0. As 0 and 1 are allowd to be used in the input just like other symbols a, b, c, ..., there might be some ambiguity in the output polynomial in this CGI.

Edit a ZDD formula in this ZDD formula box

Click the arrow button to get the number of the family of sets give by the ZDD formula. Select formula to copy it to the ZDD formula box.

ZDD Operations
Operator Function
* Multiplication
& Intersection
+ Union
\ Subtraction
- Subtraction
/ Residue
// Quotient
pow Powerset
Auxiliary list operations to buid target ZDD
Operator Function
+ Union
& Intersection
\ Subtraction
* Cartesian Product
^ Raise
# Exclusive Union
.. Integer interval
chars Character list
atoms Atom list
pow power set