Wiki Schedule

June 11

June 18



June 25

  • Photolithography (something to do with using plates) (johnny boy, Sayyor)
  • Floating Point Numbers (ped(r)o, Tuan)
    • data representation
    • float: 32-bit (4 bytes)
    • double: 64 bit (8 bytes)
  • row major and column major (Mr. Sunshine)
  • CMOS (Martian)
  • Manchester Computers (Yuka, Mr. Prettyprint, Yoshinoya)
    • transistor computer
  • Meindl Paper (Science 2001) (William, Mr. Alohashirt)
  • Instruction Set Architecture (Lilojojo, Miyashita)
    • Difference between stack machines, accumulator machines, register machines, load-store, and memory to memory
    • x86
    • MIPS
    • Arm

July 2

(Build upon the information given on the ISA page)

  • MIPS (Mr. Sunshine, Sayyor, johnny boy)
  • x86/IA 64? (Lilojojo, Mr. Prettyprint, Martian)
  • ARM (ped(r)o, Williams Tuan)
  • PDP-11/VAX (Miyashita, Mr. Alohashirt)
  • S/370 (Yuka, Yoshinoya)

July 13th

Future works

  • Caching
  • pipeline
  • parallelism

Single-processor systems

  * processor performance equation (Yuka)
    - relationship to simple benchmarks (microbenchmarks)
  * pipelining (martian, tuan)
    - work w/ above
    - explain roles of stages in 5-stage MIPS pipeline
    - find # of pipeline stages for various processors
  * Memory subsystems: (Ped(r)o, Mr. Sunshine, Tuan)
    - cache and cache performance
      (one-level cache, two-level cache, with equations;
      four questions)
    - virtual memory address translation

Multiprocessor systems

  * Flynn's taxonomy (sayyornara windows)
  * Amdahl's Law, Gustafson-Barsis Law (johnny boy)
  * GPUs and data-level parallelism (Mr. Sunshine)
    - programming model
      (SIMD?  synchronization with CPU?)
    - data flow (bus, graphics memory)
  * I/O devices (Mr. Alohashirt)
    - esp. flash memory (basic physics, performance characteristics,
      device capacity and density trends)

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