Third-Eye Project using hyperspectral computing:

The goal of the third-eye project is to transform unseen images into visible images using dynamic and static hyperspectral computing with integration of several cameras including a new super harp camera, IR camera,... The third-eye camera is able to capture value-added images of targeted objects with a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum of radio wave, long IR, IR, visible light, ultraviolet, or X-ray by neural feature extraction. Static hyperspectral imaging can be used for inspection of buildings and bridges, investigating the status of tiles, underground and moss, investigation of coral, measuring gases for health of plants, measuring the taste of food, discovering counterfeit money, minute blood vessel and so on. Artificial retina camera is also investigated as dynamic spectral imaging for many applications including optical flow imaging, edging, and so on. A real-time gesture interpreter using the retina camera is under development.