Mekhong Region / Women and Development Online Information

Project Maps

I. Map of Project Participants

II. Hilltribe Map and Village Profile Survey

III. Rural Northern Villages Profile (Lowland Thai)

I. Map of Project Participants

Key to Organizations Participating in the Mekhong Region Development Online Project


1. National Commission for Women's Affairs of the Prime Minister's Office

2. Foundation for Women

3. ECPAT (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism)

4. ACCESS (Resources for AIDS Education)

5. Duang Prateep Foundation for Klong Toey Slum Residents

Chiang Mai

6. Dr. Sem Foundation / Foster Parent Project for AIDS Orphans

7. Bahn Ruam Jai Project for Hilltribe Students and Villages

8. NAPAC (Northern Thai-Australia AIDS Prevention and Care)

9. Chiang Mai University's Thai Women of Tomorrow Project

10. Chiang Mai University Education Project for Lanna Women

11. CONTO (Council of Northern Tribal Organisations)

Ubon Ratchatani

12. SHARE (Health for the African and Asian Region)

II. Hilltribe Map and Village Surveys, Northern Thailand

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III. Rural Northern Villages Survey (Lowland Thai)

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