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[What's New]

--last update:Jan/19/2002--
XaS was born in June/2001
XaS have started as little but long project with mission.
(As you know, GNU Project began as little but long project in 20th Century)
This page has "related link" from Project Xanadu.(from Xanadu Australia,see their top page.)

[Our Vision]

The world has already been full-digital.Be full xanalogical.

[Blue Prints]

Image of XaS:

Takuji Tokiwa and Yukihiko Yoshida discussed together at 6th,Feb,2002


"Xas - Xanadu Shared
Xas is for share the art work for other artist as data, and getting new knowledge between community members.
Basic role of XaS:
The artist who join the Xas, could use each other's work with respect for his work, but the work must be opened on the XaS list with some data."
by Takuji TOKIWA
[Short Term Mission]
We will relaese codes with simple HTML as fist step,little by little.
[Long Term Mission]
We build up the concept and art work under Xanalogical Paradigm.
Can this project be origin of staring local branches on Project Xanadu,for example Xanadu Austlaria (already exists),Xanadu France,Xanadu China, Xanadu Japan and etc, in every countries and languages ?

[Exhibitions/Concerts/Performances etc]

We express ourselves under Xanalogical Paradigm.
under construction
*Takuji Tokiwa:Concert Schedule:
--coming soon
*Yukihiko YOSHIDA:Performance Schedule:
at mag.keio.ac.jp,for taking video clips.6th,Feb,2002


with artists material
"Hypercon" was held in 1980's among Xanadu Community.

[Online Exhibition ]

[Xanalogical Artists Society:members list]

Members can contribute to each fields and position which one belongs to.
We can share Xanalogical world and add Xanalogical vison.
--and you can join us.


Archive:Photography for transcopyright
from Andrew Pam at Xanadu Australia


We begin to construct "Xanalogy" with our act and art.

--What is Xanalogical Paradigm ?

FYI:See Xanadu Australia


--Project Xanadu
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[discussion group]

The list is ready.
send e-mail to yukihiko@sfc.keio.ac.jp( or yukihiko@xanadu.net)and tokiwa@sfc.keio.ac.jp.

[Xanalogically Asked Questions]

Questions and Comments should be e-mail to tokiwa@sfc.keio.ac.jp and yukihiko@sfc.keio.ac.jp,yukihiko@xanadu.net