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There is no agency of Lidsay Kemp in Japan. But the translator, Yuki Hashimoto, knows that I use his image in this webpage.


"Dreamdances" 2001-2002 Lindsay Kemp Company

the words

Be Yourself.
Find Yourself to be Yourself.
Listen to Your Heart.
Listen to Your Innner Voice.
Follow your Nature.
Don`t be Afraid to Encounter Your Unknown Self.

My Memorie with Lindsay

by Yukihiko YOSHIDA

I knew Lindsay by chance.

I bought the watch,"Swatch",that he had designed, in Tokyo. I was impresssed with his inspiration.

3 month later, I read the Book of Lindsay "Spirit Dancing - the world of Lindsay Kemp -" edited by Yuki Hashimoto.I made contact with her. After that I could meet Lindsay Kemp himself luckly and talked each other June 1996 ,in Tokyo, after his stage .


Lindsay Kemp,born in Liverpool in 1938, is not an artist by 1938. He is not an artist by profession but he is a dancer and choreograher,"a transformation artist" .In 1967 he stageed a show with David Bowie . For the Folowers dance project, he sought out people with angelic or diabolical expression.

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