About 13 banana farms they produce for Dole are Charlotte certified, Dole foods, N.C., announced today that 11 banana plantations in Colombia and 2 banana plantations in Ecuador have been certified by the water management Alliance (AWS) international standards for sustainable water management, In order to improve water management to a higher levelThe standard aims to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of the landscape, including all users of a particular catchment area, so that they can better understand how water use affects others, In the recently released corporate responsibility and sustainability report 2020, Dole identified protection and optimizationWater is the most relevant and influential sustainable practice in all its businesses.   by adopting this water management standard, Dole and its producers continue to move towards more responsible water governance and alleviating water challenges in the banana supply chain. The knowledge and experience of these 13 farms will be shared in other agricultural areas in dole.   aw certificationS is part of a multi-year partnership involving Dole and its producers, WWF and edeka, a German food retailer, to promote the sustainability of banana farms in Ecuador and Colombia. In addition to the most sustainable use of water, the programme includes integrated management of crop cultivation, protection and promotion of ecosystems and biodiversityDad, climate protection, waste management and social aspects.   obviously, the pressure on local water resources is also increasing © The global supply chain is driven by demand faster than at any time in our history. Responsible stakeholders, including farmers, traders, retailers, municipalities and individual citizens, recognize that only through © Through cooperation and collective action, we canProvide healthy and reliable fresh water supply for human and nature © The German water management project nior of WWF. " Xavier Roussel, vice president of marketing and sustainability at Dole foods, said: "in agriculture, we've been trying to achieve the sustainability of this important resource we rely on.".The interdependence between neighbors has disappeared, but AWS has raised this relationship to a higher level by formally establishing a local level platform that relies on the same water source. It's important to go beyond the boundaries of our farm. Many of the sustainability issues we face require more comprehensive solutions and closer local cooperation in order to provide improvements for all. "  the original text of this bulletin is the official versionTorrizada. The translation is only provided as adaptation and should be checked with the text in the source language, which is the only version with legal effect.

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