#I'alphabet switch command and 6 technical clicks per week © Rica   order change of Google matrix alphabet   Larry Page, chief executive of alphabet, resigned from the position of "simplifying the management structure" of the company and replaced it with Sundar Pichai, Google's most responsible person, who will take up both positions. Larry Page founded Google in 1998 with Sergey Brin © N announced his resignation as president of alphabetIt's basically honor. It's going to disappear. It announced tariffs ranging from US $2.4 billion to 100% on the value of certain French products in response to French tariffs on US technology digital services revenue.   in July, France issued a tariff called GAFA (issued by Google, apple and Facebook and Amazon), forcing companies to pay taxes on the profits they get from Internet usersFrance.   Sony's Playstation is famous for its best-selling desktop game console in Guinness © KOD Guinness is the best-selling desktop ever. Since it was first launched 25 years ago, more than 450 million of its four generations have been listed.   the company was certified at the 25th anniversary of the platform, In Tokyo.   amazon.com and Verizon will lead the United NationsAmazon network services (AWS), the world's largest cloud computing service provider, announced an alliance to make Verizon the first company to use wavelength, A platform designed to enable mobile device application developers to build very low latency applications for 5g networks.   announced Apple's best games and applications in 2019The games and apps for 2019 were held in a two-story apartment in Tribeca, New York.   the company chose "Sky: the son of light" as its entertainment of the year in its app store © Telephone.   in this mode, credit card data © Travelers stored in the hotel management system or received by OTAs are at risk of theft and saleThe Netherlands is the leader in the global e-commerce index, while Chile has become the most successful B2C country for the second year in a row. According to the index compiled by the United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD). Chile this year stood out from the list of the 10 fastest growing e-commerce economies and turned to support itAnd Qatar, this is up to 12 puestos.

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