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*Processor Performance Equation [#efa936d1]

- calculates the time it takes for the program to execute by multiplying three independent factors
- the three factors are instruction count (IC), clocks per instruction (CPI), and clock time (CT)

**Instruction Count [#ze771296]
- can reduce instruction count by adding powerful instructions to the instruction set--> increases either CPI or clock time
- CISC processor instructions can accomplish two or three RISC processor instructions.

**Clocks per Instruction [#h63af5cc]
- reduce CPI by instruction-level parallelism
-- complex instruction increases CPI

**Clock Time [#c16ca972]
- depends on transistor speed and the complexity of the work
-- can be reduced when transistor size decreases
---increases power consumption and heat generated

+[[Performance Equation:https://www.d.umn.edu/~gshute/arch/performance-equation.xhtml]]

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