*Grace Hopper [#d7b1c20d]

~(left)Wikipedia Grace Hopper
~"A computer scientist and a US Navy military"
**Biography [#wc52a25f]
~born in New York, New York on December 9, 1906

~earn a Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale University in 1934
~started to join the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1943

~created the first compiler for computer languages in 1952

~died in Arlington, Virginia on January 1, 1992

**Works [#c0ed8a2c]
***Harvard Mark I (IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC)) [#w9a14ccc]

~ She worked as the first programmer of Mark I.
~ the first electromechanical computer produced in the U.S.

- designed by IBM and called Mark I by Harvard University’s staff
- the calculations about guns and rockets for the Navy
- main components: switches, relays, rotating shafts, and clutches
- 3 additions or subtractions in a second
- 6 seconds(multiplication) , 15.3 seconds(division), and more than a minute(logarithm and trigonometric functions)
- Harvard architecture

***bug [#g20743ec]
Wikipedia Grace Hopper
- A story that Grace Hopper found a real bug as a bug while working on the Harvard Mark II project
- “First actual case of bug being found.” on the job diary

***UNIVAC(UNIVersal Automatic Computer) [#k82667a9]
Wikipedia UNIVAC I
~the first computer for commercial use
~[[Eckert, Mauchly]]

***compiler [#mc14fa37]
~She and her team created the first compiler for computer languages.
~a program that converts code written by a human programmer into binary code (machine code)
#ref(https://nptel.ac.in/courses/106104072/chapter_2/images/sanjeev2.gif, 350x200)
Indian Institute of Technology

-versions: A-0, A-1, A-2
-program : 
A subroutine is specified by a numeric code, and the subroutine's arguments follow the subroutine code.

***COBOL(Common Business Oriented Language) [#d290ea5e]
She continued work on compilers was integral to the development of COBOL.
- command vocabulary and syntax close to English
-An early programming language that was internationally standardized after FORTRAN 

~ process to increase the value of age by the value of years

- current programming language
 age = age + years;


Wikipedia COBOL

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