*Memory DRAM, SRAM, SDRAM [#b70d733d]
**RAM(Random Access Memory) [#b97c63dd]
Geeks for Geeks Deepanshi_Mittal

**SRAM(Static Random Access Memory) [#k286ee71]
-complicated circuit 
- high speed
- expensive
- cache
~Memory Cell
~Geeks for Geeks SAYAN KUMAR PAL
~stores data by current flow using flip-flop circuit
~if power is supplied and current is always flowing, stored data can be kept.

- Read operation
~ the word line is activated by the address input
~ -> closes both the transistors T1 and T2
~ -> the bit values at points A and B are transmit to their bit lines
~ -> the sense/write circuit sent the output to the processor 
- Write Operation
~the address activates the word line to close both the switches
~ -> the bit value is provided
~ -> signals in bit lines are stored in the cell

**DRAM(Dynamic Random Access Memory)[#e0ab652e]
- simple circuit 
- high memory density 
- large power consumption
- main memory
~Memory Cell
~Geeks for Geeks SAYAN KUMAR PAL
- required an operation to replenish the charge called "refresh"
~ one transistor(T) and one capacitor(C) in each cell
~ stores data by a capacitor, but charge gradually escapes as time passes

**SDRAM(Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) [#z0d51327]
~DRAM operating in synchronization with clock signal
~ After late 1990~ prevailed as standard RAM 
~ enabled pipelining
~ latency: Delay from read command to data output
"Eight Hyundai SDRAM ICs on a PC100 DIMM package." Wikipedia Synchronous dynamic random-access memory
~typical clock speeds: 66Mhz, 100Mhz and 133MHz(15ns, 10ns, 7.5ns)
~typical clock speeds(bandwidth): 66Mhz, 100Mhz and 133MHz(15ns, 10ns, 7.5ns)
~Generally modularized in the form of 168-pin DIMMs(Dual Inline Memory Module), it can read and write 64 bits (no ECC) or 72 bits (ECC) at one time.

**Summary [#n193a447]
Geeks for Geeks Deepanshi_Mittal

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