Business support services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Legal address / Mail forwarding
If your business is not fully operational yet or you simply do not require physical presence locally we will provide a virtual address for your company for a fixed and reasonable fee. Mail and call forwarding services are possible.
If your company needs legal address for registration purposes which is obligatory requirement by law, we can provide it for a set monthly fee.

Nominee Directors
While your newly established or acquired company is not fully functional, it is possible to provide the services of nominee director for a set monthly fee. Nominee directors will help you to operate your company distantly and start economical activities as fast as possible.

Bank accounts
Baltic Legal offers consultations to its clients in respect to requirements imposed by local Banks and State institutions in relation with opening bank accounts.

Assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates
We can help you finding the appropriate institution to contact and also assist in submitting applications for certificates and permits. We also provide intellectual property protection services (registration of trademarks, patents, dealing with intellectual property protection organisations).

Translation services / language solutions
We provide different type of translation services for our clients, necessary to conduct business or concerning immigration matters and investments. We will offer most efficient, cost and time - saving solutions for translation of your documents. When it comes to translation of legal/business documents to our clients we recommend our trusted partner – Translation Agency BALTTEXT.

Representation during negotiations
We can help you to avoid the language barrier at meetings by representing client interests during negotiations with business partners or state authorities. Our clients can pursue their interest distantly, conclude different business transactions through Power of Attorney and receive necessary information in understandable language.


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