Center of Education for the Advancement of Lanna Women

Chiang Mai University

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The Lanna Women Center, Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University, was established in late 1990 with the aims of developing a women's studies body of knowledge in the university-level curriculum on the topic with proper instructional techniques and of promoting women's participation in both community and national decision making processes. At the same time, it aims to promote the effective functioning of women's groups and organizations in the community.

The Lanna Women Center operates in 9 provinces of the Upper North of Thailand, namely, Chiang Mai, Chiangrai, Prae, Nan, Tak, Payao, Lamphun, Lampang and Mae Hong Son. In these provinces, the center works closely with women's organizations, women's leaders, female teacher organizations and female labourers groups.


  1. To conduct research on women studies' issue, such as women and local politics, women workers, development of local women's groups
  2. To collect baseline data on and about local women's status and role
  3. To train local women leaders to become local politicians
  4. To promote and encourage the involvement of women in local political affairs, e.g. running in local elections
  5. To disseminate women's studies information to students, teachers and the general public


  1. Research on:
  2. Training on: The administration and management of Tambol councils for local women's leaders in 9 Provinces
  3. Community Seminars on women and local politics
  4. Promoting networking of women's teachers, women's villages etc. at the village, Tambol, regional and national level
  5. Promoting women leaders to run for local political positions such as Kamnnan, Village Chief and Tambol Council Member
  6. Organizing annual seminar on women studies topics
  7. Promoting local organizations through various means and activities

Operating Budget

The operating budget comes from:
  1. Faculty of Education, CMU
  2. Outside funding sources
  3. Local women's groups

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