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I am a professor (kyoju) in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University's Shonan Fujisawa Campus. I am a member of the Internet Research Laboratory, headed by Professor Jun Murai. I also teach in the Cyberinformatics (CI) program of the Graduate School of Media and Governance.

I am deeply involved in the creation of GIGA, our new undergraduate Global Information and Communication Technology and Governance Academic Program. See the cool videos here, as well as the interviews with various faculty members. Our people do amazing, socially relevant work, as well as leading-edge research.

My current primary research topics are systems for distributed quantum computing and more generally post-Moore's Law computer architecture, and All-IP computer architectures, replacing all of the interconnects in a computer system with IP-based communication, scaling from multicore chips to Internet levels. I am also interested in other forms of unconventional computing, IPv6, mobile networking, parallel & distributed operating systems and file systems, and distance learning (e.g., School of Internet Asia Project).

Our most recent (October 2014) research result, on quantum networking via container ship, is profiled in New Scientist!

In 2011-12, I taught operating systems, "The Evolving Internet", computer architecture, and network programming in C. That fall, for the first time, we taught quantum information processing as an undergraduate class, with minimal prerequisites!

My personal interests include jazz and go, both watching and playing. I used to play a lot of basketball, volleyball, and bridge. I enjoy movies, books, hiking, ocean activities, and above all, time with my family and friends.

The AQUA group in fall 2019, with Jun Murai.

During my year's research leave at Duke University in 2014-15, I was interviewed for West Virginia Public Radio's "Inspiring West Virginians". My interview is here.

A 2012 talk on "Internet-Scale Quantum Repeater Networks" at Microsoft Research, hosted by Krysta Svore, is here.

Below is an older talk at Keio's Yagami Campus on "Systems for Distributed Quantum Computing". No stopping to explain vocabulary, but largely a qualitative introduction to the areas I'm working on. The slides are here; for further details, see our Aqua Publications.

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