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"No bread, no learning. No learning, no bread." the Talmud.

"I cannot live without books." Thomas Jefferson

These lists are only partial; I have been erratic about keeping them, and even more erratic about writing actual reviews. I suspect this is somewhere over half of the books I have read in the last decade. In some years, when I had a long commute by car, I read/listened to books on tape/CD more than in actual print. I always prefer unabridged, but can't always get them.

This list partly pre-dates and was partly inspired by Ted's Bell, Book, and Candle.


I enjoy reading popular science, history, travel narratives, politics, science fiction, and mysteries, and am occasionally caught with a book of "literature" such as contemporary short stories or novels from Nobel Prize-winning authors. Naturally, with young kids, I'm also reading or rereading some children's books, and am enjoying them; I'll stick a few on this list. Straight technical materials are not included on this list, and probably over half of my reading time has been spent on newspapers for as long as I can remember.


On the Nightstand

Well, really, on the floor in my office.

In progress

Some of these may never get finished:



  • William Sterne Randall, Thomas Jefferson: A Life
    A long, thorough, generally quite readable biography. Insists that a liaison with Sally Hemmings was out of the question, making it look a little dated only a decade or so later. Randall chooses to come at many incidents from multiple angles, meaning some facts get repeated, and sorting out the exact relationship between events takes a careful reading. It kind of peters out after the revolution, as if the author's attention was starting to wander; even Jefferson's time as president doesn't get the kind of unhurried treatment his time as a budding young land grant lawyer does. On the whole, recommended.
  • Ursula K. LeGuin, Tales from Earthsea
    The usual fantastic, thoughtful fantasy from LeGuin. Her prose is full of longing for a time gone by. Beautiful. Includes five short stories/novellas. and a brief essay on Earthsea. Highly recommended, if you have enjoyed the other Earthsea books.
  • 2004

    Miscellaneous Undated, 1995-2003

    Books that I read between 1995 and 2003, but can't pin down further; most were earlier in that time period.


    This list is very incomplete, but with the arrival of our second child, a long road trip in which I did most of the driving, and the hassles of selling our house and moving, 2003 was probably rock-bottom for me in actual reading time in the last several decades.






    Another low point in reading volume, with the introduction of a long commute and the birth of our first child. Sometimes life involves tradeoffs. This list is probably still very incomplete.


    No data.


    Read in 1994, while in Japan (very incomplete).


    Partial reading list, 1993. I think this list only covered the first three months of the year.


    Partial Reading List, 1992, while I was living in Japan.


    A few of my favorites.

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