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I owe more debts to my friends than can ever be repaid - they have taught me things, bought me dinner, taken me to the hospital, helped me move, helped me repair cars and boats, gone on vacation with me, helped me deal with the police, repaired my plumbing, gone diving and sailing with me, made me laugh, and, most of all, been my loyal companions. I love them all fiercely, and would defend anyone on this list to the bitter end. My second-biggest regret is that I can't spend more time with them.

Apologies if you think you ought to be on this page and aren't yet. I'm putting it together in rather ad hoc order. Having a web page I can link to raises the probability that I'll include you sooner.


CINC-PAC 3 picture
Caltech-ISI Northsouth Connection - Primary Arrangements Coalinga. This is the loose group that meets occasionally at Harris Ranch for lunch, or dinner, or a whole weekend. Most of us met in southern California, but some of us moved north, so we began occasional bacchanals halfway in between. Most of the folks are friends from either my Caltech or ISI days. People have arrived by car, motorcycle, helicopter, and small plane; so far, no one has figured out how to arrive by boat.

My memories of who was at which CINC-PAC are fuzzy. Help me out if you remember. Ted and Brenda flew in for one of the later ones, and the Hotzen made it to that same one. Misato and Rene also put in a cameo at one. I believe we managed to have one more in early 2003...


I need a link to Dave Dyer's pages of vball pics here...

Various friends' web pages and blogs

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